What is M8! – Mind Map?

M8! is a Windows 10 app to draw Mind Maps. It is a simple app which allows you to visualize your ideas and thoughts as quick as possible.

How do I download M8! – Mind Map?

If you use Windows 10, you can open the Windows Store and search for M8!. Then you can see “M8! – Mind Map” and can install it out of the Windows Store.

How do I share Mind Maps?

You can share your Mind Maps by selecting the Mind Map in the main menu and then select Share in the Charms bar. The Charms bar is the bar on the right side of your screen provided by Windows 10. You can open it with the shortcut Windows-Key + C or with the mouse by pointing to the top right corner or with the finger by swiping from the right border to the left. The Sharing bar shows you apps which can use the file like the Windows 10 mail app.
You also have the option to save the Mind Map as a .m8 file to any directory which allows you to share the file. You can find the option in the app bar while editing a Mind Map.

How do I synchronize my Mind Maps between different devices?

Windows 10 synchronizes the Mind Maps between different devices automatically if you use the same account on all devices.

How do I buy additional features?

You can buy additional features by open M8! – Mind Map and the click the features button on the top right corner or in the App Bar in the menu page.

How do I make multiple lines in a Mind Map?

You can make new lines by pressing the Shift and Return key on your keyboard.

How do I pin my Mind Maps to the start screen?

You can pin a Mind Map to the Windows start screen by opening the Mind Map and choose Pin in the App Bar.

How do I print my Mind Maps?

To print your Mind Maps, you have to buy the printing feature. After you bought the feature, you have an additional print button in the App Bar while editing the Mind Map. You can also print via Windows Charms Bar under Devices on the right side of your screen. Where are my Mind Maps stored? Your Mind Maps are stored within this folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Packages\33556SamuraiSoft.Mind8_rpzfvmm3wc86m\RoamingState . Just copy and past this path into the windows explorer.


Start – Page
F1 Help
Control + N New Mind Map
Control + B Open Features Page
Item Selected
Delete Delete selected Mind Map
Control + C Copy selected Mind Maps
Control + G Change group name
Mind Map – Page
F1 Help
Alt + Left Navigate to the menu
Control + Z Undo
Control + Y Redo
Control + B Select root node
Control + P Print
Control + G Change group name
While Editing One Node
Enter Accept
Escape Cancel
One Node Selected
F2 Start editing
Tab Add a child node
Enter Add a sibling node
Arrow Keys Select different node
Control + V Paste node
One or Multiple Nodes Selected
Escape Cancel
Control + D, Delete Delete node
Control + C Copy node
Control + X Cut node
Control + Arrow Keys Move node
Feature – Page
F1 Help
Alt + Left Navigate to the menu
Control + C Copy selected Mind Maps
Control + G Change group name
Control + Arrow Keys Move node